Manuel Trevisiol | mosaic layer
Manuel Trevisiol | mosaic tile fitter
Manuel Trevisiol | custom mosaics layer
Manuel Trevisiol | marble cladding laying
Manuel Trevisiol | craftsman mosaicist

Manuel Trevisiol

Manuel trevisiol, professional tile fitter and mosaicist specialized in custom mosaics.

He has been in the mosaic, marble cladding and ceramic cladding industry for over 20 years.

Thanks to his curiosity and passion for suggesting new and innovative products, he is in a position to boast an enviable portfolio of work achieved all over the world. He regularly works with major architecture studios and, thanks to the help and support of professional artisans, he can offer top quality laying skills for both private individuals and major projects. He boasts lengthy experience as a mosaic layer in the creation and laying of customised mosaics. A professional and reliable approach has enabled Manuel Trevisiol to work directly with some of the largest Italian mosaic companies and also provide a turnkey service.